In addition to competitive pay, providing a group health insurance benefit is one of the best ways to attract and retain workers to your business. But of course, a quality health insurance plan will cost you money. How can you make your workers happy, while also managing the overhead for yourself? These six tips can help you cut the cost of your group health insurance plan.

Focus on preventive wellness. Healthy employees get sick less often and incur lower medical bills. Identify a group health insurance plan that focuses on preventive wellness. Your employees will be happier, you will cover the cost of fewer sick days, and your health insurance premiums can stay lower.

Exclude dental and vision coverage. You can lower premiums for everyone this way, but employees who are interested could still enroll themselves in an option dental or vision plan and pay that cost themselves.

Choose a plan with a high deductible. Those with higher deductibles charge lower premiums, because employees are responsible for more of their own costs.

Sponsor a health savings account. These accounts can be paired with lower-premium, higher-deductible healthcare plans. Yes, the higher deductibles mean more of the cost is transferred to employees. But the health savings account allows them to save pre-tax dollars toward medical bills, essentially lowering their tax liability.

Shop around. Because plans can vary so widely, so can their costs. Do remember that a low-premium plan isn’t always the best deal, because it might offer inferior coverage. To evaluate plans in more detail, work with one of our professionals who can demonstrate costs and savings to you.