You already know that your employees would appreciate having access to a group healthcare plan. That’s certainly no mystery to any business owner! But providing health insurance can benefit you as well. Here are eight reasons to sponsor a group healthcare plan.

Lower premiums. Through a group healthcare plan, your employees might be able to access lower premiums than they would obtain through the individual marketplace. And that rule can apply to you as well.

Tax incentives for employers. The premiums you pay can usually be deducted on your federal income tax return. Payroll taxes could be lower when you offer a group benefits plan, and HSA contributions can often be deducted from taxes as well.

Tax incentives for employees. When the employee portion of healthcare premiums is paid on pre-tax basis, employees can lower their overall income tax liability. This can add up to significant savings for them.

Ensure that employees are covered. Left to obtain healthcare coverage on their own, some employees might opt to go without. Offering a group healthcare plan can ensure that your workers are able to obtain healthcare when needed.

Attract quality employees. It’s no secret that the best workers choose employers that offer dependable pay and benefits. Offering a healthcare plan can help you compete.

Employee loyalty. You will also retain more of the workers you already have, by providing a benefits package that they value and don’t want to lose.

Healthier, happier, more productive employees. Access to healthcare means fewer sick days, fewer interruptions, and increased productivity for everyone. Plus, happy workers are simply more motivated to achieve!

A healthy workplace culture. When you demonstrate that health is important to you, workers respond in kind. Your healthcare plan might provide wellness programs in addition to the usual benefits.

All of these benefits can be available to you, and plans are more flexible than you might think. Call one of our insurance specialists to discuss your company’s needs, and we can match you with a group healthcare plan that is right for you and your employees.