As a Medicare beneficiary, you enjoy comprehensive coverage provided by an enormous government-funded program. But like many such programs, Medicare can sometimes be subject to fraudulent activity on the part of those seeking to take advantage of your benefits. That’s why Medicare regularly reviews reports of fraud and adopts new policies to combat the problem.

Now, a new regulation aims to protect you as you seek information on the healthcare policies available to you. You might already be aware that you have the right to receive free information on Medicare from licensed brokers. And you’ve probably noticed that plenty of television advertisements, websites, and email messages aim to inform you of your options. But how do you know that this information is coming from a reliable, trustworthy source?

Now, when you speak to a health insurance broker on the phone regarding your Medicare options, they are required to issue the following disclaimer: “I/We do not offer every plan available in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all your options.” The person with whom you speak must also record the entire conversation, and must inform you of this fact within the first minute of the phone call.

The same disclaimer must be included on television advertisements and on all third-party marketing materials.

As for written communications online, whether via a website, email, or chat platform, the above disclaimer must be displayed prominently where any potential client can see and read it.

If you don’t hear or view this disclaimer in the context of communications regarding your Medicare options, you should avoid speaking with or trusting that source. All reputable, licensed brokers who deal with Medicare plans are subject to this new regulation.

And remember, Medicare Annual Election Period is happening now through December 7. If you would like to discuss your options with regard to Medicare plans, please give us a call and we will offer you accurate information according to your situation.