Wise employers know that happy, healthy employees perform at their full potential and display higher levels of company loyalty. That’s part of the idea behind group benefits plans which include health insurance and, often, many other perks as well. What most people don’t know that is many group benefits plans, particularly those that include Group Life or Group Disability benefits, also include something called an Employee Assistance Program. These under-utilized benefits are designed to improve the lives of employees, helping them to work and live at their best capacity.

What is an Employee Assistance Program? Employee Assistance Programs bundle certain services that support employee wellbeing, and provide them through the program’s network or the employee’s health insurance plan. These days, services might be provided via email, phone, video chat, or via face-to-face meetings when necessary.

What type of services are provided by Employee Assistance Programs? Each program is structured a bit differently, but the types of assistance employees can expect to receive might include:

  • Financial and legal assistance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Alcohol or substance abuse treatment
  • Marital or relationship counseling
  • Assistance with child or elder care issues
  • Wellness matters
  • Assistance with traumatic events
  • … And much more

Services are usually available not only to the employee, but also to their spouse or partner, and their children.

Why do companies provide Employee Assistance Programs? We all know that illness, personal problems, traumatic events and other disruptions can lead to time away from work. Even those who are able to keep working might suffer from stress, and need support in order to continue working efficiently. Employee Assistance Programs are designed to treat each employee as an individual, addressing their problems or assisting them when possible, so that they can reach their full potential. And of course, happy employees are better and more loyal workers.

Employee Assistance Programs are truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. But many people don’t even know their employer offers these benefits! To learn more about Employee Assistance Programs and how they can help you, call us to discuss these exciting benefits.