No, you’re not imagining things: The Great Resignation is real, and it’s happening all around us.

According to data gathered by Monster, a shocking 95 percent of workers are considering changing jobs. Perhaps even more surprising, 92 percent of them say that they’re willing to change industries in order to secure more suitable employment.

And yes, workers have noticed those “help wanted” signs and advertisements that seem to be popping up around every corner. The Monster survey revealed that 66 percent of workers believe that they currently have opportunities for new employment available to them. An atmosphere of stress, long work hours, heavy workloads, and inadequate time off has led to high rates of burnout among the workforce. Combine that burnout with the feeling of abundant opportunities elsewhere, and you have a recipe for the Great Resignation. The workforce is on the move, and companies are scrambling to retain current employees and attract new ones.

So, how do companies accomplish that goal? Start by listening to what current and prospective workers want from their employment.

We all know that better pay also provides a powerful incentive, but today’s workforce seeks more than just financial compensation. Job seekers cite flexible hours, a safe and hospitable work environment, better work-life balance, and comprehensive benefits packages as primary considerations in securing new employment.

During a pandemic, we cannot underestimate the value of group health benefits. Not only does a healthcare plan help to keep employees healthy; it also promotes an atmosphere of safety in the workplace. Healthy coworkers mean each individual worker is less likely to become ill, and that protection extends to their families.

Other benefits, like paid sick leave or disability insurance, round out a benefits package that protects and provides for employee needs. When you tell workers, “I value you”, those feelings are multiplied and returned in the form of loyalty and dedication to the company.

Give us a call to discuss your employee benefits package. We can help you put together a comprehensive plan that not only protects and provides for current employees, but also helps you attract top talent in your industry.