Providing your employees with a group health insurance plan is one of the best things you can do as a small business owner. Healthcare plans benefit you and your employees in a number of ways, including…

  • Helping you to attract top talent
  • Protecting the health of your workers
  • Lowering the number of sick days and the associated disruptions
  • Keeping your workers healthy and happy
  • Helping your workers to lower their own healthcare expenses
  • Building company loyalty

But of course, providing a group health insurance plan isn’t always easy for small business owners. You might not meet group contribution ratios, or be able to provide the standard employer contribution for enrollment in a group plan. That’s why this news is so exciting: From November 15 to December 16, health insurance providers offer a one-month Special Open Enrollment Window (SOEW) for smaller businesses. During this time, your employees (and you, for that matter) can enroll into a group healthcare plan without the usual participation requirements.

This special enrollment opportunity is provided through the Affordable Care Act, and you’re guaranteed coverage even if you can’t meet the aforementioned requirements. But the enrollment window is indeed small, so we do suggest that you get started on this task right away.

We know that employees appreciate being asked about their views on healthcare plans, so get them involved in the conversation. Gather basic information on the needs and level of interest of your employees, and then give us a call to discuss your options. We can help you match up with a group health insurance plan that is right for your employees’ needs. But hurry! Again, this Special Open Enrollment Window only lasts until December 15, so get started now.