When you are on an adventure with your family, rest assured knowing that you have medical coverage in case an accident occurs. International travel can bring unexpected illness and injury, and unfortunately, many standard health insurance plans don’t cover things that happen after you cross the border.

Global Health Insurance Marketing Inc helps by supporting your access to insurance coverage when out of the county. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or education, work with our team to ensure you always have the coverage needed while abroad.

Travel Insurance: What is Covered?

Coverage through your travel insurance policy depends on the specific plan you choose. At Global Health Insurance Marketing Inc, we’ll discuss your planned activities to help you find the insurance protection you need – including everything from travel sickness to high-adventure activities.

Standard coverage through travel insurance include:

  • Medical Protection: Doctor’s visits, medical evaluations, emergency treatments, hospital services, and more.
  • Evacuation: Coverage for transportation and support to evacuate the area in emergencies.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: If a tragedy occurs, most plans cover the costs of repatriating the remains to your home country.
  • Trip Cancellation: Need to cancel the trip? Not only can insurance cover your costs, but it can also help with incurred expenses for interruptions and delays.
  • Luggage: When luggage is damaged, lost, or stolen, travel insurance can provide resources to replace your personal belongings.

Depending on the plan that you buy and the timing of the purchase, travel insurance can also offer coverage for rental car damage, cruise ship protection, and even pre-existing conditions.

Protect Your Health and Your Family

Travel insurance is a small price to pay to have access to services if a medical emergency occurs. Pay close attention to your plan details and make sure to understand how these services work in relation to other insurance plans (primary or secondary coverage).

Global Health Insurance Marketing Inc is here to answer your questions and help you find the best coverage to match the needs of your upcoming adventures. Call to discuss available travel insurance options.

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