Healthcare already makes up a significant part of your overall benefits plan. Healthy employees are happier, more loyal, and more productive, so a healthcare plan actually benefits both of you! Most employers already know this.

But one type of benefit is becoming more valued than ever before. According to Mercer’s Health on Demand report, 42 percent of employees say that they are more likely to stick with a job that offers mental health benefits. Perhaps more pressing are the 44 percent who say that a lack of mental health benefits would cause them to feel unsupported by their employer, and less likely to hang around long term!

Why has the spotlight fallen on mental health benefits? A large part of the increased interest might be due to the increase in remote work that we’ve witnessed in the post-pandemic era. Many employees report higher satisfaction with remote work overall, but isolation and loneliness are commonly cited as drawbacks. Many of us didn’t even realize how important and emotionally supportive social contact at the office could be, until we didn’t have it anymore. Rates of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety have skyrocketed in recent years.

And along with those diagnoses come some concerning symptoms. Workers suffering from depression and anxiety might experience problems with memory and concentration, lack of energy, and low motivation. It’s not a leap in logic to imagine that these symptoms impact productivity, whether in the office or working remotely. Therefore mental health services not only help the employee to feel better and boost morale; this type of healthcare benefits employers as well. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

Mental health benefits can include traditional counseling or psychotherapy, but also involve employees wellness programs and group trainings. Topics such as stress reduction or maintaining work-life balance can be valuable additions to the workplace benefits program. Some employees feel that on-site services feel more accessible.

To learn more about the variety of mental health benefits available to your company, give us a call. Our group benefits specialists can help you identify the right options to potentially add to your own menu of benefits.