When you begin the shopping process to choose a Group plan for your employees, you likely have several goals in mind:

  • You hope to manage your expenses
  • You need a plan that meets the needs of your employees
  • You want to understand your plan and prevent any “surprises”
  • You want a plan that is attractive to current and future employees
  • You want to understand all of the opportunities available

Those are all reasonable goals but shopping for a Group plan can quickly become overwhelming, especially for a busy business owner. Working with a licensed broker can help to simplify the process.

What is a broker?  It might seem like an obvious question, but it is important to understand. A broker is simply a licensed health insurance agent who works with a multitude of insurance carriers and is able to provide and explain the various options available.

More specifically, some brokers, such as Global Health Insurance, specialize in Group plans and servicing business owners. This means we have spent extensive time learning about the options for employee plans. In addition, brokers work independently, rather than for a specific insurance company, so their guidance is unbiased. Your broker can help you identify the plan that truly meets your needs, rather than “selling” on a particular company. This gives you more options.

Even after you’ve enrolled in a plan, your broker is still available to help you. You will have access to a team that helps to:

  • Answer coverage questions
  • Solve any billing issues
  • Explain coverages and options to employees
  • Inform you if coverage options change
  • Remind you of any deadlines or important dates pertaining to your plan

You can also save time by consulting with a broker, because these professionals are already familiar with each provider’s underwriting procedures.

Finally, because brokers are paid by the insurance providers, your rate is the same whether or not you consult with a broker.   You don’t pay anything additional when you use a broker so it only makes sense to utilize the benefits they offer.

Do you have questions about your Group plan or do you need to explore options? Contact the brokers at Global Health Insurance. We’d be happy to assist you.